On Being Side-Tracked

If, before I understood about Flylady and being Side-tracked Home Executives, anyone would have asked me if I thought of myself as easily distracted, I would have responded, “NO!” After all, we SHEs can hyper-focus, so it seems like we are NOT easily distracted. But, as I have tried, over the past year, to determine the best time of day for different responsibilities in my Control Journal, I have come to the realization that I really have to have most of my chores done before the kids wake up. Why? Because once the kids are up, I am in non-stop distraction mode. I cannot make a single move without being distracted.

But, at least now I realize my tendency toward being distracted, especially when it comes to doing something I don’t especially want to do–like housework. That way, when a day like today happens in which there was absolutely no way I could possibly get all of the necessary chores done before the kids woke up, at least I could keep telling myself, Remember what chore you are doing and STAY FOCUSED, no matter how many small distractions keep interrupting you. Consequently, I got everything done that I set out to do this morning (and, believe me, it looked like a mountain of work at about 6am) and even recruited my small distractions into helping me with some of the chores.


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