Prefectionism, Creativity and a Letter to the Young People in My Life

I have recently been made aware of a venue for distributing art that has very exciting possibilities. I think it is a perfect venue for each and every one of the creative young people in my life. But, I know that they will, each and every one, protest that their art is not “good enough.” To them, I say:

Dear Young People,

Please, I beg you, do NOT withhold your art from the rest of the world because you think that it is not perfect. You have each been given amazing artistic gifts from God. I believe He intends to have you use those gifts to His glory. Satan will lie to you. He will tell you that, unless your art is “perfect,” it is not valuable. Do not believe this lie. Do your art. Distribute your art. Even–maybe, especially–if you do not consider it “perfect.”

Love, Your Mom and Mother-in-Law

And I am going to set an example by sending in a prototype for distribution. So, there, young people. Let’s see what you can do!


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