A Little Family Fun at the Movies

It’s been awhile since we had a planned time of Family Fun. So, I was glad that this weekend there was the free movie at the theater. We’ve enjoyed seeing these free movies and it definitely falls under Family Fun.

The movie today was Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Now, the other free movies we have seen have been rated G, are usually animated and are pretty much totally innocuous. Since this movie is a rather intense, live-action, PG-rated movie, I had to give it a little more thought than I usually do before piling everyone into the car and heading to town. The scale was tipped in the favor of going because we had heard a selection from a Percy Jackson book read aloud at our local summer reading program AND because I think Greek mythology is rather interesting.

The movie was pretty intense and definitely loud. But even Anne was following the storyline and actually cheered at the end. I personally thought it was fairly well done.

In addition to providing some Family Fun, the movie also provoked me thinking more about Greek mythology. I’m glad that Greek myths are just myths. I’m grateful to serve a living God, the ONE and only true God.


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