Top Ten Countdown: Number Nine

Number Nine (I feel like I should be singing a Beatles song every time I write that…) on my list of the Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in 365 Days with Flylady is:

I no longer live in CHAOS so I can now be hospitable without stress.

I like living without Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. Hospitality is not my gift at all, and living in CHAOS made it hugely stressful to have anyone over. Yet, I love people and sitting around talking with them, so I want to be able to have people over.

In the past year, our son-in-law lived with us, I hosted a weekly Bible study, we had numerous wedding guests staying with us, Jacob had Lisa Leady over for supper, the Georgeffs spent the night a few times, we had umpteen birthday parties, we hosted the family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, my college roommate came over and, every single week, (for the most part), Anne’s physical therapist was at our house.

While hospitality will probably never come naturally to me, living without CHAOS has made it much easier to have people over and build relationships.


One Response to “Top Ten Countdown: Number Nine”

  1. Godiva Says:

    :o) This is really impressive. You have nearly done a whole year now and you keep beeing a flaybaby and also you keep blogging. Congratulations to that!

    Unfortunately I haven’t blogged since November (!) which is a shame but I’ll try again my 5 minutes a day.

    Have a great day and way to go!


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