Top Ten Countdown: Number Six

On my Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in 365 Days with Flylady list, number six is:

It is important to intentionally plan for Family Fun.

Of all of the things I’ve learned this year, intentionally having Family Fun was one of the most inherently enjoyable. We went family fishing three times (oh, joy!), had campfires with hot dogs and s’mores, completed a pictorial alphabet scavenger hunt that we turned into a book, made Christmas cookies, played all kinds of new games (from picture pass to Pictureka to hide and seek with figurines to Quelf), went to several free movies, enjoyed special meals (Valentine’s Day, the Odyssey supper, Reformation Day), played special music together and went to a dinner theater, for starters.

The memories we made having Family Fun are so precious to me.


One Response to “Top Ten Countdown: Number Six”

  1. Paula Says:

    and, don’t forget the ‘Name Game’……Loretta/Feta!

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