Top Ten Countdown: Number Four

Number four in the Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in 365 Days with Flylady is:

Homemaking (or blogging or crafting or decorating or…) done imperfectly will still bless someone: me!

As anyone who follows Flylady knows, it is perfectionism that we SHEs battle over and over in all areas of our lives. Perfectionism can rear its ugly head in so many ways, from putting off buying Christmas gifts until I can buy the perfect presents to procrastinating about cleaning the kitchen if I don’t have time to scrub it top to bottom to talking myself out of participating in an event if there’s a chance I might not perform perfectly to not following a dream because I can’t execute it perfectly the first time to doubting that others will love me if I’m not perfect. On and on it goes with SHEs.

But Flylady reminds us over and over that we need not be perfect to be blessings. We need not do something perfectly for it to bless others. We need not be perfect.

Every battle I have won over perfectionism in the last year has been a blessing–to me!


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