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The Rewards of Anti-Procrastination

August 9, 2010

Today, with Sheree’s help and encouragement, I “just did” something I had been dreading: envisioning the new MOPS year as coordinator. With everything that has been going on in our lives–the bakery, parenting challenges with Peter, special summer events–I was extremely anxious about adding the responsibilities of MOPS to my plate. But, I decided to Just Do It and Sheree and I set aside this morning to wade through the materials for the new year.

Guess what. “Just doing it” entirely reduced (if not actually eliminated) my anxiety about serving as MOPS coordinator. If I had put off facing this responsibility, I would have been carrying around the anxiety. Now, I can just use that energy to focus on the fun we are going to have in MOPS!

I think I’m getting the hang of this Anti-Procrastination thing.