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What’s Next?

August 31, 2010

Even though I’ve completed 365 days with Flylady on this blog, I’m not going to abandon my work here. I’ll still be blogging about how Flylady is working for me and my large, homeschooling family. I’ll be blogging about my book reviews and how much progress I’m making de-cluttering. But, I’m not going to be making a daily post any more.

My NEW blogging emphasis is going to be over at Abiding In the True Vine. I’m so very excited to be launching this new blog. It’s going to be crafting-focused! And I’m going to be featuring my etsy store items as I list them. Please come visit me over there starting September 1.

I hope you’ll keep dropping by–either here or there!


Top Ten Countdown: Number Two

August 29, 2010

Wow! I can’t believe I’m down to number two in my Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in 365 Days with Flylady! Number two is:

It is vital for me to prioritize creativity in my daily routine.

What does this have to do with Flylady? Well, over the course of a year, I’ve obviously done a lot of thinking, as indicated in my previous posts. Way back last September, I was already identifying that creativity needed to be included in my daily routine. Throughout the year, I kept thinking about balance (see number three in my countdown), about what was important to me, about using the gifts God had given me. As my daily Flylady routines became more established and I was seeing that they could not be the focus of my life if I were to remain happy, healthy and sane, I discovered that creativity was a focus that would fulfill the role of helping me remain happy, healthy and sane because I was working from the gifts God had given me when I was being creative.

What I also discovered was that my time for creativity needed to be every day, prioritized above everything but eating breakfast and meditating on God’s Word. I needed to be creative before I did any laundry, before I mopped a floor, before I cooked anyone any food. Once I established this time as part of my early morning routine, my spirit soared!

So, now, I have several on-going projects that I can work on in peace and quiet before the kids arise. I actually am getting up earlier than ever so I can be sure to have this time as quiet as possible so I am not distracted. This way, I get A LOT done in the 30 minutes I set aside. I actually set my Flylady timer and away I go. I’ve loved the progress I’ve made in my etsy store and my new blog. I love the things I’m making for others and myself. I love the way I am constantly thinking about what I’m going to add to a project or what I’m going to do next.

The best thing is that my creativity does not have to occur at the expense of any of my other responsibilities! I can easily keep up with all of my other Flylady chores and they can take the auto-pilot, back seat that they deserve in my life. This could only happen because Flylady has taught me to make these household chores ROUTINE. I don’t have to think about any of them (well, except that elusive de-cluttering…), I just do my work and go on with my life.

I am very excited about exploring my creative side, about sharing it with others, about giving with the gifts God has given me. And I thank Flylady for helping me discover all of these things about myself within the context of my daily routines. Thanks, Flylady!

Prefectionism, Creativity and a Letter to the Young People in My Life

August 14, 2010

I have recently been made aware of a venue for distributing art that has very exciting possibilities. I think it is a perfect venue for each and every one of the creative young people in my life. But, I know that they will, each and every one, protest that their art is not “good enough.” To them, I say:

Dear Young People,

Please, I beg you, do NOT withhold your art from the rest of the world because you think that it is not perfect. You have each been given amazing artistic gifts from God. I believe He intends to have you use those gifts to His glory. Satan will lie to you. He will tell you that, unless your art is “perfect,” it is not valuable. Do not believe this lie. Do your art. Distribute your art. Even–maybe, especially–if you do not consider it “perfect.”

Love, Your Mom and Mother-in-Law

And I am going to set an example by sending in a prototype for distribution. So, there, young people. Let’s see what you can do!

Anti-Crafting-Procrastination Day

August 7, 2010

Wow. Today, I finished a project that I don’t HAVE to have completed until November. Do you realize what that means? I actually completed–COMPLETED–as in, completely finished, no loose ends, etc., etc., a project that is not due to be completed for three months. This is unheard of in my life. That’s two days in a row that I have been on an anti-procrastination campaign.

Do you think Flylady has had an impact on me?

Flylady, Creativity and Pervasive Perfectionism

August 5, 2010

I am so happy to be participating in some crafting swaps associated with the crafting weekend coming up this fall. One of the swaps is an ornament swap in which each participant prepares an ornament containing her assigned portion of I Corinthians 13. After we make our swaps, we will each have a whole set of ornaments to display on a tree or a swag or wherever our hearts desire.

My part of the Love Chapter is “Love is patient.” I actually teared up when I read my assignment because I feel like God is always, always teaching me patience. And He is so very, very patient with me in His teachings. I designed an ornament on paper that I envisioned would not take me a million years to complete (since I am making 17 of them). I located everything I needed to complete my prototype and I started in on it this weekend while we were spending several hours in the car.

While I was working on it, I kept feeling inadequate. I kept thinking, Oh, the other gals are probably all mixed media artists and here I am working exclusively with fibers. Or, The other gals are probably used to very elaborate pieces and this is too simple. Then, I began having some challenges with some of the materials I was using and the whole ornament, with which I had been very happy on paper, was not turning out the way I wanted it to.

So, today I got the prototype back out, looked through some of my design books, got some better ideas on how to get the look I wanted and I started in, again, on my second ornament. I was trying a new technique for achieving the look I wanted and the whole time I was learning it, I was saying to myself, Oh, this really isn’t ever going to turn out the way I want it to. And, I will disappoint everyone else who is participating in this swap.

Then, I looked down at what I was actually embroidering. Love is patient. Love is PATIENT. I can be patient with myself. God is patient with me. I can be patient with myself.

Once I got a little perspective, I saw that the new technique was, indeed, giving me the effect I sought. And, I reminded myself, I am not expecting some insanely perfect ornament from any other gal participating, so why should I expect that of myself. I will not be disappointed in any participant’s ornament. Why would they be disappointed with mine?

Love is patient.

Flylady and Panic-Free 4-H Entry Day

July 28, 2010

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day. I think that the fact that today is also Fair Entry Day is very appropriate. This year, Flylady-style, we made every effort NOT to put off getting supplies for 4-H projects. Consequently, for the most part, today was relatively panic-free. The younger kids, especially, had completed their projects in timely fashions (for example, NOT at midnight last night) and Joey helped them get their supporting information completed while I was at Jazzercise. So, even though this day is historically one of the busiest days of our year, it was panic-free today.

Peaks and Valleys

July 25, 2010

Life is full of peaks and valleys, isn’t it? For most of the day yesterday, I was on cloud nine with my creative experiences and then eating supper and laughing with Stephen and Amelia and Harriet. Today, I have had a splitting headache all day.

Spiritual Renewal and Creativity

July 24, 2010

Today, I was blessed beyond measure to have spent most of the morning and early afternoon with some like-minded gals who generously invited several of us who are participating in the crafting weekend this fall to get together for some pre-event crafting and shopping. I had been looking forward to this day for weeks and I was not disappointed in the least. These gals were so incredibly kind and thoughtful, from providing brunch AND lunch for us, to preparing a beautiful and useful craft for us to complete, to driving us to a fun and inexpensive “junk” store for some craft shopping.

I am so grateful to have become friends with these women. I look forward to spending time with them in the future. It truly was a day of spiritual renewal for me.

I Did It, Again!

July 8, 2010

So…today is our Weekly Home Blessing Hour and I challenged myself not to use that as an excuse to cut out my creative time. I set the timer and got 15 minutes of creativity in (after I had my one-hour floor mopping job done). I did NOT get my Zone Mission done, today, though, but I’m not going to let that be my excuse tomorrow!

Let’s see if I can keep this up….

I Did It!!

July 7, 2010

I did it! I actually set my timer and made time for creativity today! I ate breakfast and read the Bible and then, before ANY other Flylady chore, I was creative!

This is a day to be remembered!