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Habit of the Month: Laundry

August 10, 2010

I am so glad that daily laundry duties are a firmly ensconced part of my daily routine. I love looking at the Flylady reminders and thinking that I already have that one “down.” No Mt. Washmore here!

Flylady and 4-H

July 14, 2010

Ever since I started Flying, I’ve really been trying to teach the kids how Flylady’s principles apply to their lives. One area in which I’m seeing some progress is 4-H. Sure, we’ve had a really, really, REALLY full summer already, but we’re still way, way ahead of the game as far as 4-H goes. At least as our “game” compares to years past. For example, today we actually printed out many of the photos that are being entered in the photography projects. There have been years when we did this literally the DAY before entry day.

Hopefully, the kids will generalize this application of Flylady’s principles as they get older. We’ll see….


Benefits of June’s Habit

June 5, 2010

I’ve been very faithful about my water intake this week and I’ve discovered an additional benefit from drinking all of this water: I get A LOT of exercise trotting back and forth from the bathroom.

(I hope that wasn’t TMI!)