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Flylady and the Mother of the Bride

October 31, 2009

The other day, Leslie (aka MissusSmartyPants) posted about bargain shopping to fill in missing pieces of your wardrobe. She wrote:

Don’t get “creeped out” about second-hand shopping.

It doesn’t have a negative social stigma it once had.

Today, second-hand shopping is considered “cool”, saves you money,
saves the environment & the profits go to fabulous charities!

Well, who would have guessed! I’m “cool,” now. Okay, people who cringe when I tell you I got that groovy Gap sweater that you just complimented me on at Goodwill for $2.95, listen up. I’m “cool”!

So, since I’m “cool,” now, I can confess that I went into Goodwill the other day and came out with…my Mother of the Bride skirt. Yes. I’m that “cool.”

I had purchased a red suit for Clara’s upcoming Big Event a couple of weeks ago when she and I were snowed in at Mom and Dad’s and she, Mom-the-supreme-shopper and I went shopping. I liked the jacket a lot, but I wasn’t very thrilled with the skirt. It was too long and just didn’t feel very comfortable, but I knew that if I couldn’t find anything else, it would definitely work and I wouldn’t have to walk down the aisle in my jeans or something. I had in mind that I would like to pair the jacket with a black skirt, working with Clara’s color scheme.

I decided that I would peruse Goodwill on a regular basis from now until the wedding to be sure that I had ample opportunity to find a skirt. Boy, was I happy when, this week on my first attempt, I walked right up to the skirt section, grabbed a nice black skirt that was the right length, tried it on, decided that it fit perfectly and walked to the register with my $3.49. Victory!

Oh, yeah. I am going to be a very “cool” Mother of the Bride in a couple of months.

(Hmm. Now, I think I’ll start searching for some black boots for the rehearsal dinner. Hey, maybe I’ll check out those online second-hand shopping places that MissusSmartyPants suggested. Do “cool” people talk to themselves…?)