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Flylady and The Kids

May 22, 2010

With so many days this week consumed with doctors’ appointments and bakery business preparation, my kitchen should be in shambles. But it is NOT! And do you know why? I suddenly realized today that the KIDS have really been pulling their Flylady weight around here. They have been doing their regular Flylady responsibilities even though we have been out of routine so much.

Thank the Lord!

Riley Challenge Re-visited

January 14, 2010

Since the timer is my friend in 2010, I’m going to use it as an additional motivator for helping the girls keep their bedrooms tidy. Eleanor had made the photo album of photos of her tidied room for comparison each day, but things still seem to slip through the cracks on a regular basis. I’m not going for perfection, here, just no trash on the floor, for example. I’m hoping that by setting the timer for five minutes AND helping them during that five minutes, we can develop some habits in thoroughness.

Our Version of the Riley Challenge

October 20, 2009

My intention when I wrote about modifying the Riley Challenges for my kids was that, for each posted Riley Challenge, I would come up with a corresponding challenge that applied to my family. That way, I wouldn’t have to totally re-invent the wheel and develop a rotation pattern for the different challenges. We would just be prompted to complete our corresponding challenge when we saw the posted challenge.

As you probably have surmised, my original intention did not come to fruition. However, we have come up with and even better solution to help the kids develop the habits of tidying their spaces every day and deep cleaning on a rotating basis. Here’s what we’ve come up with for Eleanor’s room, for example:

We blocked off some time on a Saturday to thoroughly tidy the room. This included getting everything out from under the bed, clearing the flat surfaces, sweeping, etc. Then, she took photos of each area of her tidied room. We printed them off and she made a booklet with a check list beside each photo of what to look for in that area, so she had a photo clue as well as a written clue of what “tidying” that area of her room means.

This is really just a Hot Spot Drill for her on a daily basis, as well as a reminder to make her bed. She has a specific time set aside to accomplish this task each day. I hope to add a deep-cleaning rotation plan to her little booklet to help her keep her art supply containers and her bookshelves clear of clutter,too.

I’m hoping this will help develop some Flylady habits for life!

Riley Challenge

September 2, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, I have only recently designated a specific time each day to accomplish the zone mission.  Along with completing each day’s zone mission, I am motivated to apply the Riley Challenges to our children’s routines on a regular basis.  Many of the Riley Challenges do not apply to our children’s rooms (for example, we don’t have closets in their rooms because we have a LARGE central Family Closet, so stray clothing in their rooms is not an issue for us).  Consequently, one thing that I wanted to do this fall was to associate an applicable challenge for each Riley Challenge that did not match our children’s needs.  That way, each time that particular inapplicable Riley Challenge came up, I would automatically have an alternative ready for our children.

So, here I was, all pumped for the first Riley Challenge of this week (although I admit that I hadn’t developed any list of alternative challenges, yet), when it came through.  The challenge was to empty the trash cans in their rooms.  Oh, that is applicable to all of my children.