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Holiday Control Journal and Menus

November 3, 2009

I am very excited about getting my holiday menus planned with the Holiday Control Journal this past weekend. Actually, I got more than just the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus planned (those are no-brainers since we are big into serving the family’s traditional fare and we eat the same things for both meals). Since I am hosting both Bunco and Bethany’s wedding shower this month, I wrote out the menus for those events, too.

Then, I actually ran off the recipes and put them in my Holiday Control Journal. AND I wrote out my grocery lists! Amazing.

I consider those feats evidence that I am becoming thoroughly Flywashed. Before Flylady, I would have thought, “I’ll do that later.” Instead, I thought, “I’ve got the recipes right in front of me right now. What better time to run them off and write out the grocery lists?” Weird, I know.

Guess what. I think I might design the invitations for Bunco and Bethany’s shower today, even though the events are a couple of weeks away. Call me crazy!