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Flylady and the Sovereignty of God (Part Two, for Now)

October 4, 2009

Yesterday, I posted on my impatience with not knowing how to fit some crafting time into my Flylady routine. Along these sames lines, I am wondering how to fit other tasks into my seemingly full routine. And I say, “seemingly,” because I’m not totally convinced that the time is not there. I’ve never managed my life 15-minutes at a time before and I have to be attentive to my falling back into old mental habits, like, “if I don’t have a full 8 hours to work on a craft project, then I don’t have time.”

Anyway, Joey has a Big Idea. He’s had it for awhile. I totally support it. Yet, he needs my help (which is one aspect of the Big Idea that I totally love). And that takes — you guessed it — time.

So, I’m also waiting for God, in His supremacy and sovereignty and love, to show me where I can fit the time to work on the Big Idea into my Flylady routine. I’m greatly in need of His wisdom and inspiration, because I, in my human-ness, can’t see where to put this in my day without taking something else out. And if I need to take something else out, what is it?