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A Little Bit at a Time

October 21, 2009

One of Flylady’s concepts has been on my mind the last couple of days. This concept was something that I, a procrastinating perfectionist, had never considered applicable to my homemaking, which was usually all-or-nothing. In fact, it had never crossed my mind. Of course, I’m talking about breaking up large, daunting tasks into 15-minute chunks of time.

Now that we’ve utilized this 15-minute concept over the last several months, I’ve seen how it holds true in many other facets of life. And I’m thinking of the idea that a little bit of effort over time can yield BIG results. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the general idea applies to my Body Clutter challenges. This can be good and not-so-good.

First, the good. I Jazzercise and do the Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk DVDs every week, and I started realizing that, sometimes, I am not working to my full capacity. It’s not that I’m especially tired or injured or anything, I’m just not really lifting my knees very high or stretching my arms very far. I’m not making the most out of the time I’m spending exercising. When I began observing the people at Jazzercise and on the Walk the Walk DVDs who appear the most fit, I noticed that they seem to put that extra little bit of effort into each movement. They lift their knees a little higher, they stretch their arms a little more. These little extra movements and effort obviously have a cumulative effect. So, I’ve been putting a little more effort into each of my workouts and I think that I am benefiting.

Second, the not-so-good. Since I’ve rid myself of any Body Clutter and want to keep it that way, I am always aware of what I am eating. I have noticed how easy it is to snitch that extra bite. A snitched bite doesn’t “count,” right? But, a little extra bite, here and there, over time, cumulatively does count.

Thanks to Flylady, I’m seeing how little bits can cumulatively add up, both for good and not-so-good.

Panera, Starbucks and Body Clutter

October 14, 2009

Mom treated Clara and me to Panera Bread for lunch the other day. I totally avoid this restaurant because the title contains the word “bread.” So, I was pleasantly surprised to find an Asian Sesame Chicken Salad on the menu that, holding the fried wonton strips and using only half of the dressing, worked splendidly with the South Beach Diet guidelines.

Later that afternoon, she treated us to Starbucks. I can’t say that I totally avoid Starbucks, but I usually order something decaf, non-fat, no sugar. This time, the herbal teas caught my eye so I tried a caffeine-free “autumn” tea blend that was delicious.

Thanks, Mom, for broadening my horizons, but not my hips.


October 5, 2009

In my constant quest to eat tasty meals while keeping the Body Clutter at bay, I consume a lot of salads. I am so happy to report that our local grocery store is now carrying arugula. (If anyone who lives in a city ever reads this blog, that last sentence will probably seem humorous, but if any reader lives in a small, rural town like we do, you’ll appreciate the sincerity of my enthusiasm!)

I threw together a salad based on my yummy arugula that included salad shrimp, green olives, cherry tomatoes right off of my dad’s tomato vines and a little bit of light Italian dressing. This is not worthy of mention on any cooking show, obviously, but it made me happy. Happy and full.

Body Clutter

September 23, 2009

I am excessively grateful to be rid of the Body Clutter that was dragging me down over the last several years.  And I am now realizing how very like “house clutter” it is.  I’ve done the serious work of de-cluttering and now I have moved into maintenance mode.  Yet, I must be ever-diligent in keeping new clutter from accumulating.

Just as keeping the Hot Spots in our home cleared off on a daily basis is part of our routine, keeping Body Clutter under control has to be part of my daily routine.  Some days, I just don’t feel like putting the mail away, but I do it anyway, out of habit.  Some days I just don’t feel like making sure that I don’t have too many servings of “good” carbs or fruit.  But, I do it anyway, out of habit.

Yesterday was one of those days in which I was extremely tired of constantly monitoring what I was eating (or not eating).  Our American society doesn’t generally support healthy eating and sometimes I just get weary of swimming against the current, anticipating having to provide my own healthy foods for many occasions.  Sometimes I’d just like to eat whatever I felt like eating with no negative consequences.

But, that was yesterday.  Thanks to routines that develop into habits, and God’s strength to keep me going, I will hopefully, keep the Body Clutter from accumulating again.  One routine-filled day at a time.