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Another Out-of-Routine Day

April 16, 2010

Today turned out to be another out-of-routine day, but for a good reason: we closed on the bakery!

When I’m way out-of-routine and in default mode, I’m observing what tasks I still prioritize, to improve the way I keep up with my Flylady routine when things are not feeling “routine.” Keeping the sink shiny is not a problem. I also seem to make sure that I get the laundry done. Bathrooms, too, are swished and swiped. Plus, the Hot Spots don’t seem to get way out of line, either.

That leaves — you guessed it — decluttering and the Zone Missions that are not completed. I still contend that it is because I have to devote energy to thinking when I do these tasks. Decluttering still involves decision-making and the Zone Missions involve looking them up on the computer and trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. Obviously, I can come up with a plan for better managing the Zone Missions when I’m out-of-routine (like, maybe printing off and posting the Zone Missions for the week someplace very obvious), but that decluttering….

Oh, well, at least my sink is still shiny! AND we get to open the bakery sometime soon!