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Flylady, Martha Stewart and Easter Eggs

March 1, 2010

I have been perusing the fabulous Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. I love that book. I hope someone gives it to me for Mother’s Day.

One of the crafts involves putting glitter on blown eggs. Those glitter-covered eggs are so beautiful. So, I decided that we needed some. But I wanted a full bowl of eggs, which meant a lot of egg-blowing. In my pre-Flylady days, I would have set aside some inadequate amount of time to blow a zillion eggs, gotten frustrated that I was being interrupted by the needs of small children while trying to blow the eggs, broken a few of them and then been left with a lot of eggs to use immediately in some recipe.

But, now that I’ve been Flywashed, I decided to blow a few eggs each day. I eat two eggs every morning, so I just blow those two eggs and set the clean shells with the rest of my collection in a safe place. I’ll soon have enough to make a charmingly full bowl of beautifully glittered Easter eggs.

Flylady and Long Car Rides

October 15, 2009

Yesterday, Joey, Lydia, Charlotte and I spent 8 hours in the car driving to and from a frustrating, unproductive doctor’s appointment for Lydia. However, on several fronts, the day could be declared a success. How could that be, you ask?

First, Joey and I had eight hours to talk. Lovely. Charlotte and Lydia contentedly watched videos and napped the whole time we were driving, so Joey and I were able to cover a lot of topics without interruption. That, alone, is a treat.

One topic that had been rummaging around in my brain involved the way I speak to others. I have been studying Colossians in my John MacArthur quiet time Bible study. Colossians 3:21 (Amplified Bible) says:

Fathers, do not provoke or irritate or fret your children [do not be hard on them or harass them], lest they become discouraged and sullen and morose and feel inferior and frustrated. [Do not break their spirit.]

John MacArthur believes that a more accurate translation for “fathers” is “parents.” “Parents” includes mothers, doesn’t it? I was then inspired to examine my tone of voice when I am speaking to the kids. This is where Flylady comes in. Having two pre-school-aged children and a couple of children who function in that realm developmentally, I have to give a lot of instruction a lot of the time. These children do not automatically jump in and participate in a Flylady routine written in my Control Journal. I have to instruct, instruct, instruct. Does this get tiring? Oh, yeah. And are my other children completely exempt from requiring instruction in Flylady routines? Nope.

So, all of these potentially-tiring instructions can easily start coming out of my mouth in an impatient, irritating tone of voice. The last thing I want to do is fret or discourage my children. I especially don’t want to fret or discourage them when it comes to establishing and maintaining Flylady routines. I want them to embrace the whole Flylady concept so that they can benefit when they are running their own households one day. You can bet I’ll be watching my tone of voice more carefully, now.

Second, while I was talking, I got to CRAFT! Woo-hoo! I’ll post more about what I’m crafting later, but I was pretty pumped to have a couple of projects completed yesterday.

Third, we ate lunch at Jason’s Deli. I’ve only eaten there once before, but I really like their salad bar. AND those fabulous pumpkin seed crackers. I get a kick out of being able to have something really tasty (and organic!) for lunch that is South Beach Diet-friendly. I guess I am easily amused, eh?

Fourth, we went to Whole Foods. I haven’t been to Whole Foods since they moved (and that’s been a LONG time). What a treat! I am planning to spend quality time in that store sometime soon so I can discover new products to add to our United Natural Foods order.

So, there you have it: talking, crafting and good food made up for a long drive (and a very rude doctor).

Mountain Musings

October 13, 2009

We made it back without incident yesterday, thank the Lord. It’s nice to be home. And, I must report, the kitchen sink was shiny when I got home. Family and Flylady can’t be beat.

Now, I’ll attempt a brief explanation of our unprecedented excursion. Joan and I had been planning for almost a year to attend a crafting workshop in November. We had saved and saved all year and were set to register for it about 6 weeks ago when we sadly realized that it had been sold out 10 days after registration had opened…in APRIL! We were terribly disappointed, but determined to figure out an alternative plan so we could spend time together crafting and still have some money left over to register for next year’s crafting weekend when registration opens next April.

Happily, everything worked out perfectly for us to stay with Mom and Dad and learn to weave at a custom workshop that Susan created for us at the Stitchin’ Den. So, Clara and I ventured west for the weekend, met up with Joan, visited with Mom and Dad and learned a lot about weaving. (We also did some shopping since the Estes Park merchants were having a sidewalk sale — in 16 degree weather, no less.)

While we were weaving, we talked about how relaxing it was to scoot that shuttle back and forth. We talked about how calming it was to craft. About how crafting provided a focus in the moment. This conversation got me thinking.

In executing my Flylady routines, I have more than a tendency (I would say it was a firmly established habit) toward rushing through whatever I’m doing to get to the next thing I have to do. I rush, mentally and physically, through every day. I guess I somehow imagine that if I hurry, I will get more done, find more time, something…. I am so used to this attitude that I found myself rushing through getting ready to go to the weaving workshop that very morning, even though I had plenty of time and would have had to try to be late.

I was really stirred to examine this attitude and adjust it. Does rushing accomplish anything? Isn’t it more of a mental state than a physical necessity? Do I actually waste time when I hurry? Am I missing out on life when I’m not really “there” as I fold clothes because I am mentally calculating the next thing I have to do in my Flylady routine?

These were my mountain musings this weekend. Or, some of them, anyway. It was great to see Mom and Dad and spend time with Clara and Joan, crafting. And it was great to have time to think. Now, to apply my contemplations to my Flylady life.

As always, stay tuned….

P.S. Thank you, Joey (and Tim and Jacob), for holding down the fort, to say the least, so Clara and I could go on this big adventure. And, thanks Mom and Dad for your heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality.

Flylady and the Sovereignty of God (Part Two, for Now)

October 4, 2009

Yesterday, I posted on my impatience with not knowing how to fit some crafting time into my Flylady routine. Along these sames lines, I am wondering how to fit other tasks into my seemingly full routine. And I say, “seemingly,” because I’m not totally convinced that the time is not there. I’ve never managed my life 15-minutes at a time before and I have to be attentive to my falling back into old mental habits, like, “if I don’t have a full 8 hours to work on a craft project, then I don’t have time.”

Anyway, Joey has a Big Idea. He’s had it for awhile. I totally support it. Yet, he needs my help (which is one aspect of the Big Idea that I totally love). And that takes — you guessed it — time.

So, I’m also waiting for God, in His supremacy and sovereignty and love, to show me where I can fit the time to work on the Big Idea into my Flylady routine. I’m greatly in need of His wisdom and inspiration, because I, in my human-ness, can’t see where to put this in my day without taking something else out. And if I need to take something else out, what is it?

Flylady and the Sovereignty of God (Part One, for Now)

October 3, 2009

As you may know, our weekly 6am ladies’ Bible study is using Behold Your God to delve into the attributes of God. This week’s lesson title was, “God is Supreme and Sovereign.” Right off the bat, in the introduction to the lesson, the author caught my attention with this little observation:

What could be more encouraging to us as women than to know that the God of love is perfectly in control of all things? He reigns supreme over our fluctuating female emotions, our husband’s moods and decisions, our children’s needs, our homes, as well as over the political situations that affect us. God is in control of all things, and He can never make a mistake.

Oh, yeah, that got my attention, all right. I’ve got the fluctuating female emotions, the husband with moods (not necessarily “bad”) and huge decisions on his mind, many “needy” children, a home — ah, yes, a home. A home that is being managed with Flylady routines. This is where Flylady and God’s sovereignty get used in the same paragraph.

I do believe, because God knows and cares about every single tiny detail in my life (see Matthew 10:29-30), that He led me to Flylady. He gets all the glory for every positive thing that Flylady’s routine have brought to my home and family. Once, again, I say, Thank You.

But, I’m sorry to say, gratitude isn’t what was on my mind most recently when I was contemplating Flylady and God’s sovereignty. Ever since I came to some semblance of a conclusion about Flylady routines and creativity, I have been chomping at the bit to be doing something about it. I now have a very specific crafting goal, the materials, the inspiration. What I can’t seem to “find” is the TIME. It’s almost more frustrating to me to actually have a concrete, realistic goal and the materials and not be able to squeeze out even 15 minutes to begin, than to feel puzzled about the whole idea.

Do I give up some other task that consumes my time in order to make sure I have crafting time? If so, WHAT? And I want the answer to my questions right now, God!

This is where Flylady and God’s sovereignty get used in the same paragraph, again. God already knows what I have to do to accomplish the Flylady routines. He already knows what I need to do to accomplish some crafting. It’s just that I don’t know and I’m impatient to find the answer. So, I’m back around to acknowledging God’s sovereignty in all aspects of my life, as always. Even, and especially, at this moment when I am waiting on His supreme and sovereign timing.

Musings on Routines and Creativity

September 18, 2009

This may be the first of several posts on my musings because I have not come to any clear conclusions, yet. But, the gist of it all is how to balance, in my particular life, all of the “must” and “have to” and “need to” with a small amount of “want to.” Already, I’m seeing that writing this out is bringing a little clarity because I felt guilty even typing the phrase “want to.” That’s probably an issue to be explored, eh?

I started thinking about this balancing act as I was reading Sink Reflections. I’ve not yet finished reading it since Amelia borrowed it to try to get her Control Journal going, but I think I’ll probably gain some more insights when I do. In the meantime, I’ve been contemplating the process that Flylady describes in it for doing an emergency house cleaning routine. She has the cleaner work for 45 minutes (if I’m remembering this accurately) and then take a 15-minute “reward” break. Then, the process is repeated. The key point here is the “reward” break to encourage the cleaner to keep on keepin’ on.

So, what does this have to do with creativity or my daily routine? Well, while I do have three periods per day in my routine for Spiritual Renewal (in the morning, I have Bible “meditation” when I copy a psalm from the Bible into a Word document and I type out my response to it verse by verse, then at quiet time, I am continuously completing a systematic study of the Bible, then after supper we read the Bible aloud), I do not have any part of my daily routine that regularly addresses my desire for renewing my spirit through creativity, particularly creativity that involves “crafting.”

Right now, on a daily basis, yes, my blogging meets some of my desire for creativity. Yes, home schooling meets some of my desire for creativity. Yes, music practice meets some of my desire for creativity. (No, cooking does NOT meet some of my desire for creativity.) Yet, I still have a strong desire to craft something.

All last year, my routine involved one block of time per week, usually Sunday afternoon, that I would set aside to craft. During that time I worked on a set of ceramic tiles to hang above our dining room windows. I had great fun designing them and now all that is left to do is paint and fire them. I found myself, however, feeling forced to craft even if I were tired or uninspired just because that was the only time in my routine set aside for crafting and if I didn’t do anything creative during that time, I would lose my opportunity for the week.

And now that our “school year” routine is in full swing, I’m feeling like I’m spending all day every day on “must” and “have to” and “need to” and my spirit is beginning to sag. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a little “want to” in the form of crafting into my daily routine. Yet, as I’ve expressed very recently in this blog, I have yet to successfully, consistently fulfill my zone missions on a daily basis (not to mention the de-cluttering thing), so trying to squeeze another thing into my daily routine feels a little challenging, to say the least.

But, hey, I wonder if I “rewarded” myself with some crafting time (even a few minutes) when I completed a zone mission or some de-cluttering, that would work out? I’ll have to muse on that some more. Stay tuned….