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Flylady and Christmas Music

November 28, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday. Last summer, I spent some time de-cluttering our music CDs. So, yesterday, when I went to get out the Christmas CDs, I found them all in one spot, ready to go.

Christmas is coming….

One Way to Attack De-cluttering

November 15, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, I have not yet incorporated the missions nor the de-cluttering into my daily Flylady routine. I have been successfully completing my Zone Missions each week, though, by doing them all at once during a time when Joey is around to supervise the small folk. This has been working out very well and I’m satisfied that this is a solution for me.

I haven’t even been trying to get any de-cluttering done on a regular basis, though. I know that this has to do with avoiding the decision-making that goes with de-cluttering. However, I have been keeping a (short) mental list of the next couple of areas to prioritize when I can see that I can get some de-cluttering help.

I had the opportunity to pull out that mental list when Joey unexpectedly had last Friday off. Before we did anything else that day, he and I spent about half an hour de-cluttering the secretary in the library/guest room. For years, we had our computer in the secretary. Then, when we had more guests this past summer, we decided to relocate the computer and it has worked out very well in its new location. However, we had left behind the plethora of papers, software CDs, labels, etc. that seem to congregate around our computer.

It was wonderful to have Joey’s assistance in the decision-making department. The job got done quite quickly, too. And the wonderful thing about an area being de-cluttered is that I have great hope that it will be maintained. So far, all of the major de-cluttering that we did last summer (laundry room, play room, etc.) has been maintained — to my great happiness and satisfaction.

Super Fling Boogie

October 6, 2009

Based upon this Surprise Challenge, on Saturday, we set the timer for 15 minutes and the family fanned out through the house to collect as much trash as we could. (Okay, I use the term “we” loosely since I volunteered to do everyone’s lunch dishes while they went on their trash “boogie.”) With much enthusiasm, each person brought back bag after bag of trash to our central collection spot in the kitchen. As I was washing the dishes, I just kept exclaiming, “Where are you getting all of this?!”

And when, after 15 minutes, all of the bags and boxes were tallied and weighed, “we” had collected 116 pounds of trash!

I still don’t know where they got all of it.

Missions Saga Continues

September 17, 2009

Last week, I got 4 of my 5 Kitchen Zone Missions completed (all except the refrigerator clean-out). Whoop! I was feeling some victory there. However, I completed all of them on Friday afternoon between quiet time and date night. Now, I am not opposed to placing my zone missions in that spot in my routine, IF that will work out on a consistent basis. It might be just the spot.

This week, though, I’m still trying to get them done on a daily basis, in the morning, between Bible meditation and starting the “school” part of our morning routine. Some days it’s worked out well. Other days, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

And I won’t even bring up how successful I’ve been at de-cluttering this week…. One Flylady habit at a time, right?