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Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal AFTER Christmas

December 26, 2009

I am very excited about having all of my holiday planning information in one place for next Christmas! I am especially thrilled to have a place to keep a record of gifts given. For example, last year, we gave several people “Journal in a Jar” gifts (based on THIS idea). Our plan was that we would continue to give a similar gift each year as long as we could come up with questions. However, this year, I couldn’t easily find the list of questions we had given people last year (I did eventually find it) in order not to duplicate questions this year. Next year, all I’ll have to do is look in my Holiday Control Journal to find the questions for the two previous years!

Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal is the gift that keeps on giving.


Love, Joy and Peace for Christmas

December 24, 2009

Well, here we are. This is Christmas Eve! I feel like I’ve already been given my Christmas gift because, due to the storm, I was able to spend all day yesterday with Joey and ALL of the kids. It looks like today might be shaping up to be a repeat of yesterday, too.

How does Flylady fit into this scene? Because of the Holiday Control Journal, I was able to just BE with my family yesterday. Sure, I was attending to some Swishing and Swiping and laundry and Hot Spots. But, I wasn’t in a panic mode that I hadn’t done my Christmas shopping, yet, or that any of the kids still had to do Christmas shopping. All of the groceries were purchased. There was nothing essential for celebrating Christmas that hadn’t already been completed.

I just got to — and get to — experience the love, joy and peace of this celebration of the Word becoming flesh.

Flylady and Last Minute Grocery Shopping

December 23, 2009

Well, despite Flylady’s admonitions to the contrary, I did have to do some last minute grocery shopping yesterday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Since there was also the threat of a blizzard looming, the grocery store was packed. I mean, packed. Thankfully, all of the shelves were fully stocked. I was thinking the whole time, however, that I had really intended to avoid this last minute grocery shopping.

Ah, well, there’s always next year to tweak my Holiday Control Journal, right?

More on Flylady and Christmas Busy-ness

December 18, 2009

I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but I seriously appreciate Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal. In fact, I’m tempted to print out a couple of copies to carry around with me to distribute to people who say to me, “I’m SO busy! I’m SO stressed out! I can’t WAIT for Christmas to be over!” I could just hand them the solution to their busy-ness and stress.

I really do think that we all need to keep reinforcing with each other that it is not “cool” or “admirable” to be too busy and stressed out this time of year (or any time of year, for that matter). If we can counteract someone’s expressions of exasperation with hope that it doesn’t have to be that way, maybe it will make them stop for a split second to examine what is going on in their lives: what perfectionism is holding them captive, what associated procrastination is dragging them into panic mode. Then, maybe, they will want to start to work to change things.

Why is this on my mind so much? Well, I think that accepting the general idea that busy-ness and stress is just part of this holiday season detracts from what should be our focus at Christmas. Busy-ness and stress should NOT be the focus.

I really liked what Gary Chapman wrote in his “Love Language Minute” yesterday:

For many, December 24th is a day dedicated to ‘last minute shopping’. I’m often wondered what God was doing the day before Christ was born? Probably guiding each step as Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem. The most profound event of human history was about to happen. The theologians call it the ‘incarnation’: God becoming human in the form of a baby.

God had communicated for hundreds of years through the prophets. But now He sends His own Son. To use the words of John, “The Word became flesh and we observed His glory, the glory as the One and Only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” In the midst of today’s busyness, let’s make time to reflect upon God’s greatest gift.

Merry Christmas! Webster says that ‘merry’ implies uninhibited enjoyment of frolic, festivity, or fun. In addition freshness and buoyancy as manifest in singing, leaping, and dancing. That’s what I wish for you on this Christmas day. That’s what the shepherds did. Luke says, “The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen.”

I hope that in the busyness of this day, you will find a place where you can let your spirit rise in praise to God for what He did on that first Christmas. The babe of Bethlehem was born to die so that we might have eternal life. Yes, the hinge of history is attached to the door of a Bethlehem stable. So, let us sing, leap, and dance for joy in celebration.

If Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal helps me ditch the busy-ness and stress of preparing for celebrating Christmas so I can focus on rejoicing, then, praise the Lord!

Flylady and Christmas Busy-ness

December 16, 2009

Thanks, in part, to Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal, I am not feeling at all overwhelmed about upcoming Christmas activities. Consequently, it stands out to me (much more than in previous years) when women start complaining about how busy they are this time of year and how stressed out they are. In the past, I may have agreed with them or sympathized. But, this year, I feel like asking them, “Why? Why are you allowing yourself to be overbooked with activities? Why are you succumbing to anything that makes this season stressful?” I want to assure them that they don’t have to produce some “perfect” Christmas memory for their families if it means they are stressed and upset in the meantime. I want to help them stop and examine what they are doing and why.

Wait…that’s Flylady’s job! I think I’ve been thoroughly Flywashed!

Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and My Gift List

December 13, 2009

I am still loving the Holiday Control Journal. It is such a mental relief to have my entire gift list in a “safe” place. Because it is not in my purse or jeans pocket, I don’t have to think about losing it. Whenever I want to double-check something, I just flip through my Holiday Control Journal until I get to the gift list. I love seeing all of those check-marks indicating completion of gift-giving tasks, too.

And, I can already tell that the thing I’m going to love most about the gift list is referring to it next year!

Flylady and Holiday Super Cruising Mission #1

December 2, 2009

I am so excited! On the way home from the Make It With Wool contest the weekend before last, we stopped at Hobby Lobby. They were having a big discount on their wreaths and wreath decorations, so I got the components for making a very groovy, glittery, fruit-themed wreath.

This is very exciting to me because almost all of our decorations have been gifts. When we were first married, we intentionally purchased some ornaments and lights, but since then, we just haven’t really deliberately budgeted for any new decorations. I greatly appreciate all of the personalized ornaments and gorgeous nativity sets and beautifully monogrammed stockings that we have been given. I also appreciate the “Charlie Brown” artificial tree that we got for free at an auction. I am perfectly content with our decorations.

Yet, I am so excited about putting together this new wreath that coordinates with our fruit-themed kitchen/dining room/living room. And I have the perfect “excuse” for getting it all pulled together because of Holiday Super Cruising Mission #1. Glittery fruit, here I come….

One More Post About Flylady and Thanksgiving

November 27, 2009

There I was yesterday morning, all calm and ready for the day, when Joey asked me why I looked deflated. I realized that I was feeling a little deflated because we weren’t having quite the “crowd” that we sometimes have at Thanksgiving since many of our usual guests were traveling to see their families this year. In the back of my mind, I was saying, Thanks to Flylady, I finally am able to have a stress-free Thanksgiving preparation, but since we aren’t having as many people over as usual, I don’t get to experience the full benefit of it.

Then, I thought that THE biggest benefit of preparing for Thanksgiving using Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal is that my family got to enjoy the days leading up to Thanksgiving with a mom and wife who was not running around barking orders and getting cranky for fear that everything would not be prepared in time. How could having any more people over for the meal result in any bigger benefit than that?

Also, before we take down our Tree of Blessing, I wanted to mention some inspiration God gave me through it. We love to use Ann Hibbard’s Family Celebrations books. I mean, we love to use them. As part of the Tree of Blessing devotions in her Family Celebrations at Thanksgiving and Alternatives to Halloween, we were reading 2 Kings 4:1-7 about the widow whose late husband’s creditor was coming to take her two boys as his slaves. God, through Elisha, told the woman to get a lot of empty jars from her neighbors, go home and shut the door and pour what little oil she had into each one. As you know, she miraculously filled all of the jars with oil which she sold to pay off her debts and still have money to live on.

About this story, Ann Hibbard wrote:

God did not simply make a pile of money magically materialize in this woman’s house. He did a tremendous miracle, and He made sure that she had more than she needed. But He required that she trust and obey. She needed to believe that Elisha was speaking for God (trust), and she needed to borrow jars and pour oil (obey). If we want to see God do amazing things, we too need to believe His Word and do what He has told us to do.

This is true in so many areas of my life. Through Flylady, God shows me a way to be a good steward of everything He has given me, to provide a peaceful home environment for my family, to be rid of CHAOS and frustration and guilt. But, I have to obey that leading. My home will not magically be transformed. It is up to me to do the necessary work. This goes for my being rid of Body Clutter, too. Through the South Beach Diet and Jazzercise, God has provided a way for me to be a good steward of the body He has given me. But, I have to obey that leading and follow through. My body will not magically stay free of clutter. I have to do the necessary work.

This whole idea extends into my desire to have more time to be creative. God has shown me that if I prepare and dedicate a specific area in our craft room for my work, I will be able to more easily be creative on a daily basis. But this area will not be magically prepared. I need to do the necessary work. And I think I’ll start on that right now, before we start going full throttle with Christmas preparations.

Flylady and Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Oh, I am so excited! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. And today, for the first time, I’ve planned ahead enough that I made two jello salads yesterday, the thawed turkey is in the roaster right now and Joey and I are going to go set the table before any of the kids get up and moving. I even washed all of my tea towels and hot pads yesterday so they would be ready for today. Plus, we’ve had all of the Thanksgiving play props made since Tuesday and we had a lovely rehearsal last evening.

We still have a lot of cooking to do, but it’s all planned out and we’re ready and rarin’ to go.

So, Happy Thanksgiving! And, thanks, Flylady!

Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Holiday Cruising Mission #27

November 24, 2009

I was so excited when I read Flylady’s Holiday Cruising Mission for today because I had already finished my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving! Last night after Jazzercise, I was tired, but I thought, No, don’t put off grocery shopping another moment. You have your list and your money with you. You have no little “helpers” to distract you. The grocery store is almost entirely empty and every aisle is packed full of ingredients you need. Just do it!

So, I listened to myself and just did it. I know that I saved time because there were probably five other people in the whole store. Everything I needed was on sale and in stock. And the reason I was able to easily talk myself into completing the shopping was because I had long ago made out the menu, copied off the recipes and made a grocery list, thanks to Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal.

Now, let’s see if I can manage to talk myself into making all of the props for the Thanksgiving play today and not tomorrow….