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Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Bethany’s Wedding Shower

November 14, 2009

Did that title make you wonder? Even for a second? Wonder no longer. There is a simple explanation for the association of Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Bethany’s shower: I used the Holiday Control Journal’s basic ideas for event planning to prepare for hosting Bethany’s shower today. Okay, so that’s not rocket science, but it’s a new way for me to function.

I am so excited since today promises to be fairly stress-free because of our planning. I purchased all of the groceries and paper products already. And we even decorated last night! I know I keep saying this, but being able to actually identify and complete components of an event that can be done ahead of time instead of waiting until the Big Day to do everything is strong evidence that I am being completely Flywashed.

Thanks, again, Flylady!

Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Paper Products

November 13, 2009

Ever since I started working on my Holiday Control Journal, I have been shocking myself. Just this week, I actually purchased the paper products that I will need for our Thanksgiving meal. Shocking, I know. Especially since my typical Thanksgiving practice has been to use a set of dishes that was Grama Coffman’s that she got from a bank for opening an account (or something like that). I actually like using these dishes for Thanksgiving because they are autumnal in theme and I don’t use them a lot otherwise.

However, what I have found happens is that I don’t plan ahead far enough to actually get them out, wash them up and set them out until Thanksgiving morning. On Thanksgiving morning, when we are cooking for our expected crowd (we have between 25 and 35 people here), I am usually hollering for someone to “get out the dishes” and I’ve probably already asked that someone to do another vital task. Last year was a little different, not because I planned ahead, but because Priscilla supplied disposable plates. And, you know, it worked out rather well not to have to do a lot of dishes both before and after the meal.

So, this year, by utilizing the Holiday Control Journal and thinking of and planning for our holiday events well in advance of the actual holiday, I was contemplating plates. Well, in total honesty, I was contemplating serving dishes and hadn’t gotten around to contemplating plates. BUT, since I had been thinking ahead, when I waltzed by the Thanksgiving paper products at Wal-mart the other day, I was able to quickly conclude that disposable plates worked well for us last year, that I had enough money with me to purchase the plates and that putting off buying them would be to no advantage. This is a shocking line of thought, let me tell you.

So, thanks to Flylady, two whole weeks before Thanksgiving, I have purchased the paper products for the big event. Will wonders never cease?

Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Our Thanksgiving Play

November 10, 2009

Because I have been working steadily with my Holiday Control Journal, holiday events stay at the forefront of my mind. One of our Thanksgiving “events” involves performing either a puppet or “real-people” play. Consequently, the last time we were at the library, I picked up some children’s books on Thanksgiving, hoping that we could adapt one of them to be our traditional Thanksgiving play.

Well, yesterday, we started perusing the Thanksgiving books and the very first one we picked up was already in play format! We decided that we would perform it as a “real-people” play instead of a puppet play. Then we assigned family members to each role (and, wouldn’t you know, there were exactly enough parts for the family members who were participating — plus enough “extras” in case some of our young friends who join us for Thanksgiving want to come dressed for a non-speaking part). We ran off copies for each person and Eleanor high-lighted the appropriate lines in each individual’s copy.

Last night, Eleanor was already working with Charlotte on memorizing lines. Planning ahead and getting started on this play is going to yield at least 2-1/2 weeks of rehearsal fun for everyone. Now, to start thinking of costumes….

Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal and Operation Christmas Child

November 9, 2009

Thanks to Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal, we already have our Operation Christmas Child boxes packed and ready to go. And it’s still a whole week until it’s time to drop them off! Amazing.

Looking ahead with the Holiday Control Journal, I was able to plan a day last week to specifically dedicate to getting our Operation Christmas Child boxes filled. On Friday afternoon, we went to town, got our Book-It pizzas for the month of October and ate them in the park. This set the stage for a fun afternoon. Then, we dropped off Tim, Peter (who politely asked if he could stay with Tim and draw) and Anne at Mom and Dad’s house so Margaret, Eleanor, Lydia, Charlotte and I could go shopping in (relative) peace and calm. Eleanor had made a list of items ahead of time so we were fed, focused and ready to shop.

We found every item that we had on the list (and then some) as we filled a box for an older boy, a box for a girl who might be 10 years old and a box for a 2-year-old girl. Eleanor, especially, gets such a big kick out of filling the shoe boxes. And Charlotte got some practice in thinking of others before herself.

Thanks to Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal, we had a delightful, calm afternoon thinking of others.

Holiday Control Journal and Menus

November 3, 2009

I am very excited about getting my holiday menus planned with the Holiday Control Journal this past weekend. Actually, I got more than just the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus planned (those are no-brainers since we are big into serving the family’s traditional fare and we eat the same things for both meals). Since I am hosting both Bunco and Bethany’s wedding shower this month, I wrote out the menus for those events, too.

Then, I actually ran off the recipes and put them in my Holiday Control Journal. AND I wrote out my grocery lists! Amazing.

I consider those feats evidence that I am becoming thoroughly Flywashed. Before Flylady, I would have thought, “I’ll do that later.” Instead, I thought, “I’ve got the recipes right in front of me right now. What better time to run them off and write out the grocery lists?” Weird, I know.

Guess what. I think I might design the invitations for Bunco and Bethany’s shower today, even though the events are a couple of weeks away. Call me crazy!

Christmas is Coming….

October 29, 2009

Oh, I am so excited to report that, thanks to the Holiday Control Journal, I bought TWO of the kids’ Christmas gifts yesterday! Since neither one of them reads this blog (considering that they are a developmentally delayed nine-year-old and a reading-but-not-quite-computer-savvy four-year-old), I’ll give a quick explanation. (Don’t count on this when it comes to your gifts, bigger kids!)

So…we are working within a rather tight budget for actual gifts this year, but that’s sometimes a rather fun challenge. However, Charlotte (who is 4) announced several weeks ago that she wanted the American Girl doll, Felicity. American Girl dolls are $105 with shipping. That wouldn’t leave much for anyone else’s gifts, but Charlotte had actually prayed that God would give me money for a doll for her for Christmas. So, I couldn’t give up that easily. I went to eBay and found a Felicity doll (no clothes) that would have been over $70 with shipping, but even that was a bit too much. All of the other American Girl doll auctions were very high. (Sometimes I wonder about eBay buyers since they were basically bidding up dolls that you could still buy new for less — and they weren’t anything “collectible” or “pre-Mattel” or anything. But, I digress.)

Then, I started thinking about why Charlotte wanted an American Girl doll. First, she sees her sisters playing with their American Girl dolls and wants to be included. Second, she loves dressing them. In fact, I believe that she chose Felicity because of her dress selection. She doesn’t necessarily want to fix their hair or play with historically accurate accessories. In fact, she’s not really a detail-oriented doll-player. She really just wants to dress them. And dress them, again. And dress them, again.

At lunch that day, I asked her if she still wanted Felicity. She said that she would take any other doll, “but it HAD to be an American Girl doll.” Whew. Okay, let’s see. I knew that Target had 18″ dolls, so I thought that the next time we were at Target, I would have her look at those dolls to see if any of them could possibly hold up to Felicity.

I took her into Target and noticed that, until Saturday this week, the 18″ dolls were on sale. I was really hoping that she could muster some enthusiasm for one of those dolls. And, yes, my hopes came to fruition! Charlotte took one look at those dolls and started analyzing them and choosing which one she liked best. Yea! I had Tim come into the store to retrieve her so I could make the purchase without her seeing me. One down….

My second Christmas gift purchase was for Lydia. Lydia loves beards and mustaches. Seriously loves them. Do you know how difficult it is to buy beards and mustaches on a regular basis? I’ve been doing it for years and it is hard. But, thanks to the Holiday Control Journal, I was thinking ahead and went into the party store where they had a bunch of Halloween costumes and a whole wall display full of facial hair. Let’s just say that this Christmas, the bearded lady will be living at my house.

I’ll say it again, thanks to the Holiday Control Journal, two children’s Christmas gifts down…ten (including Stephen and Levi) to go. This is going to be fun!

Holiday Control Journal: It’s a Start

October 24, 2009

The other night, after we had eaten supper and were all still gathered around the table, I brought out the Holiday Control Journal. I asked the kids and Joey to help me fill out the pages on our family’s food, decoration and activity traditions for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was also interested to know if there were anything that anyone would rather not do during this holiday season, since that was a category in the Holiday Control Journal.

It was really great fun to hear everyone calling out the food traditions. And everyone was quite enthusiastic about our activity traditions, too. Clara started a conversation about gift-giving, noting that, with her wedding coming up and everyone’s finances being challenged as of late AND the fact that our family is only continuing to enlarge, we might want to re-think how each person has traditionally gifted every other person in our family. We kind of tossed around the idea of each person writing down a list of specific things that he or she would like to receive as Christmas gifts, including very budget-minded items that others might not think of (for example, Joey said that he would like a new toothbrush, which would, theoretically, be in most everyone’s budget). Margaret mentioned that writing down what she would like makes her feel greedy. But, I also pointed out that when someone desires to give her a gift, it is helpful to that person to know of things she would really like to receive.

All in all, we got a great start on making this Thanksgiving and Christmas season stress-free.

Holiday Control Journal

October 22, 2009

I printed off the Holiday Control Journal the other day. This is the first Christmas season that I’ve been on Flylady and I’m so excited about the possibilities. Just reading the introduction is motivating.

And, with the snow coming down the way it is right now, I am doubly motivated to start thinking and planning ahead for Christmas….