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Missions Accomplished

February 12, 2010

All of the kitchen missions for this week have been completed. Woo-hoo! We had a crazy couple of days that were out-of-routine (the whole afternoon at the dentist, for example), so I set aside some time yesterday afternoon to complete the missions. Because I was doing several at once, I started to feel slightly overwhelmed. But, then I thought, No, just go in chronological order as if you had been doing one each day. That jump-started my focus and away I went.

I’ll say it again, Woo-hoo!


A New Year with Missions

January 8, 2010

I’ve been able to keep up with the Zone Missions this week which is a happy thing. There are probably a couple of factors contributing to my success: Joey’s being home and that my kitchen was where I was most motivated to clean. Whatever the case, I’m glad!

Flylady and the Logistics of a Large, Homeschooling Family

December 10, 2009

Yesterday, Joey had another snow day. Since I spent his first snow day working on the clothes, I hoped to spend this snow day working on a couple of projects and catching up with some correspondence. Joey’s love language is Acts of Service AND he is my Christmas Buddy this year (every year, the day after Thanksgiving, we put all of our names into a hat and we each draw the name of a Christmas Buddy for whom we anonymously do favors and give small gifts until Epiphany and I know that he is my Christmas Buddy because I am the Keeper of the Christmas Buddy List) so, he was very lovingly willing to supervise children and cook all day, again, to allow me time for these little projects.

I was truly amazed at how much I was able to accomplish when I was not having to meet my usual daily responsibilities. It really hit me how MUCH time we homeschooling mothers of large families dedicate to the sheer logistics of keeping our households running smoothly. Then I started thinking about Flylady.

Sometimes, I get frustrated with how difficult it seems to be for me to be able to, for example, consistently complete the Zone Missions each week. And, as I’ve written before, I still haven’t worked de-cluttering into my daily routine. I’m really not avoiding these tasks. I actually desire to get them done and enjoy the benefits. It’s been acceptable for me to complete the Zone Missions in one fell swoop each week, so I’ve worked out that issue, but I’ve still been unable to make a regular, daily time for crafting or being creative.

Yesterday, I really realized just WHY I have such a challenge designating certain periods of time in my routine for Flylady tasks: I only have 24 hours in each day. As a homeschooling mother of many children, some with significant developmental delays and medical challenges, I dedicate hours and hours each day to their education, supervision, meals, etc. I am NOT complaining AT ALL about that. It’s the life I always hoped to live. But, what I realized yesterday is that my daily responsibilities just simply take a lot of time.

So, I guess I’ve concluded that I am going to cut myself a little slack in trying to fit some of the Flylady chores into my daily routine. I’m not saying that I’ve given up on fitting Zone Missions or de-cluttering into my routine. I’m just going to be very realistic about what I’m already doing and not get so frustrated. I’m going to acknowledge how much I am already doing, day in and day out, for hours at a time, how much I am already accomplishing. I am already working most of Flylady’s suggested tasks into my daily routine and I need to remind myself of that.

We homeschooling mothers of large families work with a unique set of circumstances when it comes to Flylady routines. But we can still benefit from incorporating Flylady’s concepts into our lives. Hey, that’s why I’m writing this blog, isn’t it?

Missions, Again

November 7, 2009

It’s been working well for me to bunch up the weekly missions into one session. I just plan for a time when Joey is home so I can speed efficiently through the list. It really seems to take no time at all.

Again, I think there are a couple of reasons for this. First, no small children are interrupting me with their (real or perceived) needs. Second, I am focused on that one Zone area so my actual work is very efficiently done.

I try to plan to do my Missions when I have an immediate reward (like, Date Night or Spiritual Renewal time) in the near future. When I realized that I had been planning this way, I had a big, “Duh!” moment. Flylady often recommends working for 15 minutes, then doing something you want to do for 15 minutes and then repeating as necessary. Oh, yeah, that little reward time can be quite motivating. I have just never practiced this type of 15-minute “reward” system in my daily schedule. Of course, that got me thinking again about working time for crafting into the daily routine, so, around and around I go….

Flylady keeps me thinking, as well as cleaning.

Missions and Me

October 19, 2009

If you’ve been reading this blog at all, props to you! No, that wasn’t what I was going to say. What I was going to say was, if you’ve been reading this blog at all, you might remember that I have yet to figure out a way to fit the Zone Missions into my daily routine without having a conniption fit.

I had tried cramming them in right before we started our homeschooling day, but that didn’t work well at all. I had tried making Clara my accountability partner. That worked for one week.

But, the past two weeks, what has worked is doing the Missions all at once, all on one day, at one time. I know, I know. I felt like a Flylady heretic doing that. What happened to breaking down the Zone into short Missions and doing a little bit each day? Isn’t that the whole point? Wait. IS that the whole point?

For me, perhaps the point of utilizing Zone Missions to get my house clean isn’t that the tasks are broken down into daily, bite-sized pieces, but that they provide a focus. The Zone Missions provide a very clear, finite focus for me so I’m not getting distracted and going way overboard cleaning any one Zone. They provide a rotating plan of deep cleaning so I don’t have to come up with my own plan. So, does it really matter if I do them all in one fell swoop each week?

I have found that when I do the Missions all at once, I plan for a time when Joey or the older kids are available to supervise the small folk so I am not interrupted while completing the Missions. Consequently, I get them done in record time. And I don’t feel at all like I’ve been hit by a truck doing them all at once. I also don’t feel compelled to go above and beyond in my cleaning because I’m doing plenty right then.

Perhaps this is my solution. We’ll see what happens this week.

Kitchen Missions

October 10, 2009

Interestingly (well, I think so, anyway), I had no trouble completing the Missions in the kitchen this week. This fact is additional fodder for my continuing musings about why I find it so challenging fitting the Zone Missions into my daily routine. I keep coming back to the idea that if the Mission involves making any decisions (about getting rid of stuff, for example), I tend to put it off. If the Mission takes me away from the center of family activity, I tend to put it off. When I was doing the Kitchen Missions this week, I was simply cleaning. AND I was in the middle of family activity.

I’ll get this figured out, yet….

Mission Accomplished

September 29, 2009

I am happy to report that declaring Clara my accountability partner in getting my Mission done yesterday worked. I knew she would ask me if I had done the Mission, but I put it off until right before I went to bed. I went through the living room to find the things that didn’t belong there. I found three things. THREE. I took the pair of baby socks, one hair holder and a pajama top (that had been deposited there in the last few moments when Charlotte decided to wear something else to bed) downstairs with me to put away. The entire process took me 3 minutes, at most. If I can’t squeeze three minutes out of my daily routine, I’m in trouble. So, at least for yesterday’s Mission, I’m thinking that the actual issue isn’t that I don’t have time, but that I think I don’t have time.

And when Clara asked me if I had done the daily Mission, I responded with an enthusiastic and guilt-free, “Yes!”

We’ll see what happens the rest of the week. I may be onto something….

More Missions

September 28, 2009

Ah, Monday. It’s a fresh start to the week. It’s another opportunity to get the weekly Missions accomplished. (Can you tell that I’m still trying to sort out how to fit the daily Missions into my routine?)

This morning I am mostly wondering whether my challenge to the complete the Missions is mental or physical — or both. Is my routine really so “tight” that I don’t have 15 (or, even, 5) minutes to tackle the Missions on a daily basis? Or is this more of a slightly rebellious mental game? Or, as I’ve been asking myself all weekend, is it time to set the Missions aside temporarily and quit guilting myself over not getting them done?

I think I’m not quite ready to give up the fight to fit the Missions in, though. Not just yet, anyway. And I’ve just had a “God Breeze” (as Flylady would say). I’m going to ask Clara to be my accountability partner and have her ask me specifically if I’ve done the Mission each day.

I’ll keep you posted….

Musings on Routines and Creativity

September 18, 2009

This may be the first of several posts on my musings because I have not come to any clear conclusions, yet. But, the gist of it all is how to balance, in my particular life, all of the “must” and “have to” and “need to” with a small amount of “want to.” Already, I’m seeing that writing this out is bringing a little clarity because I felt guilty even typing the phrase “want to.” That’s probably an issue to be explored, eh?

I started thinking about this balancing act as I was reading Sink Reflections. I’ve not yet finished reading it since Amelia borrowed it to try to get her Control Journal going, but I think I’ll probably gain some more insights when I do. In the meantime, I’ve been contemplating the process that Flylady describes in it for doing an emergency house cleaning routine. She has the cleaner work for 45 minutes (if I’m remembering this accurately) and then take a 15-minute “reward” break. Then, the process is repeated. The key point here is the “reward” break to encourage the cleaner to keep on keepin’ on.

So, what does this have to do with creativity or my daily routine? Well, while I do have three periods per day in my routine for Spiritual Renewal (in the morning, I have Bible “meditation” when I copy a psalm from the Bible into a Word document and I type out my response to it verse by verse, then at quiet time, I am continuously completing a systematic study of the Bible, then after supper we read the Bible aloud), I do not have any part of my daily routine that regularly addresses my desire for renewing my spirit through creativity, particularly creativity that involves “crafting.”

Right now, on a daily basis, yes, my blogging meets some of my desire for creativity. Yes, home schooling meets some of my desire for creativity. Yes, music practice meets some of my desire for creativity. (No, cooking does NOT meet some of my desire for creativity.) Yet, I still have a strong desire to craft something.

All last year, my routine involved one block of time per week, usually Sunday afternoon, that I would set aside to craft. During that time I worked on a set of ceramic tiles to hang above our dining room windows. I had great fun designing them and now all that is left to do is paint and fire them. I found myself, however, feeling forced to craft even if I were tired or uninspired just because that was the only time in my routine set aside for crafting and if I didn’t do anything creative during that time, I would lose my opportunity for the week.

And now that our “school year” routine is in full swing, I’m feeling like I’m spending all day every day on “must” and “have to” and “need to” and my spirit is beginning to sag. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a little “want to” in the form of crafting into my daily routine. Yet, as I’ve expressed very recently in this blog, I have yet to successfully, consistently fulfill my zone missions on a daily basis (not to mention the de-cluttering thing), so trying to squeeze another thing into my daily routine feels a little challenging, to say the least.

But, hey, I wonder if I “rewarded” myself with some crafting time (even a few minutes) when I completed a zone mission or some de-cluttering, that would work out? I’ll have to muse on that some more. Stay tuned….

Missions Saga Continues

September 17, 2009

Last week, I got 4 of my 5 Kitchen Zone Missions completed (all except the refrigerator clean-out). Whoop! I was feeling some victory there. However, I completed all of them on Friday afternoon between quiet time and date night. Now, I am not opposed to placing my zone missions in that spot in my routine, IF that will work out on a consistent basis. It might be just the spot.

This week, though, I’m still trying to get them done on a daily basis, in the morning, between Bible meditation and starting the “school” part of our morning routine. Some days it’s worked out well. Other days, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

And I won’t even bring up how successful I’ve been at de-cluttering this week…. One Flylady habit at a time, right?