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My Flylady Timer Is My Friend

June 10, 2010

This morning I faced the potentially daunting task of whipping my kitchen into shape before Anne’s physical therapist arrived. Thursday is our Weekly Home Blessing Hour day, but today the kitchen needed a little extra boost due to the Hot Spots. So, I set my timer and away I went. I got everything done in plenty of time, thankfully. I felt like I was using the timer to set a pace so I could get to all of the little areas that needed attention.

Yea, timer!

My Flylady Timer Helped Me Get ‘er Done

May 25, 2010

Yesterday, I did set my timer in an effort to get stuff done. A lot of stuff. And, guess what! It worked! I know you are all so surprised to hear that. Not. (Oh, does saying, “Not,” show that I am not “up” on the current sarcastic one-word comment?)

Yes, everything on my list was done on time yesterday so we could head off to play some music an hour-and-a-half from home. That meant that my list included getting the laundry done and put away and socks folded and put away, exercising, feeding small people breakfast and lunch, getting the music together for the performance, making sure everyone was dressed appropriately (either for playing music or going to Sheree’s house), etc., etc. My timer helped me through the whole day.

And, it’s helping me today, too!

Facing Monday with Flylady

May 24, 2010

Wow. We have been so very out-of-routine lately that I’m facing another out-of-routine day (or, at least, parts of it) with a little fear and trepidation. I think I am going to go write down every routine chore and every out-of-routine chore and responsibility for this week and see how my timer can help me out of this Monday morning dilemma.

At least my timer should eliminate the fear and trepidation.

FLYing on Friday with My Flylady Timer

May 14, 2010

My timer has been my friend today. First I set it for 30 minutes, slipped it in my sweatshirt pocket and went for a 30-minute run. This was my first “official” training run in preparation for a half-marathon I hope to run this fall with some OLD members of my high school track team. I knew it would take the whole allotted 30 minutes for me to figure out how to set a 30-minute alarm on my cell phone, so I got out my timer and was back before I knew it.

Since then, my timer has helped me get ALL of the folded laundry put away, scrub the front of the kitchen cupboards AND clean the stove. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the Kitchen Zone Missions that I hadn’t yet completed this week, I felt encouraged by my timer. Now, my timer is timing my little computer break and then I will re-set it to help me with my last kitchen chore.

Thanks, Flylady timer!

The Timer IS My Friend

April 28, 2010

Tonight I needed to do a little extra kitchen clean-up and I was really tired. The only way I could get started was to set the timer. But, that did it and I got everything done that I wanted to do.

My reward was getting to practice music with Joey and the big kids!

Flylady “No Matter What,” Revisited

April 8, 2010

I’ve been thinking about my Flylady “No Matter What” post. I’m very excited about finally having a concrete way of fitting my missions, decluttering, etc. into my daily routine even when my routine isn’t routine. I just have to think of it in the same way as I think of fitting in my exercise. I know that when I have to miss Jazzercise or when Jazzercise doesn’t meet, I look at the available time for that day and I adjust the amount I exercise accordingly. Sometimes I do five miles, sometimes three, sometimes even two, according to the available time.

Now, I know how much time it will take, in general, to complete a certain number of Walk the Walk miles. BUT, what I haven’t considered before about my missions, decluttering, etc., is, yes, actually using my timer to LIMIT how much time I spend completing those chores. I realized when it finally went through my thick skull that I can CONTROL how much time I spend on any particular Flylady chore that I can plan ahead for my chores like I plan ahead for my exercise. Duh! Oh, my!

This is a particularly exciting revelation in light of our changing schedule once the bakery is open. Yea! I’m sure I’ll have some more applicable inspirations on this topic in the days to come.

A Confession About My Timer and Decluttering

February 6, 2010

Yes, I have a confession. While I have used my timer — for it is my friend in 2010 — on many occasions, I had never used it for decluttering until this week. When I challenged myself to debunk my personal decluttering myths, I knew I had to follow Flylady’s 15-minute guideline to make my little experiment valid. After all, if I’m proving to myself that decluttering can be accomplished by dealing with it a little at a time each day, then I obviously have to set a time limit on my endeavors.

I was seriously amazed at how much I could get done in 15 minutes, how fast 15 minutes flew by AND how easy it was to stop after 15 minutes. In this journey with Flylady, I have trusted that Flylady knew what she was talking about when she first urged me to shine my sink and swish and swipe my bathrooms. I have no doubt that washing two loads of laundry every day keeps Mt. Washmore under control. I don’t question the value of wearing my lace-up shoes from the moment I get up. But, somewhere along the line, I didn’t buy into the whole idea of routinely decluttering for 15 minutes.

However, I think that my experiences over the past two days have made me a believer. I’m actually looking forward to spending those 15 minutes continuing to declutter our pantry, even though it’s Saturday. If you’ve never tried setting your timer and decluttering, I urge you to try it! You might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Riley Challenge Re-visited

January 14, 2010

Since the timer is my friend in 2010, I’m going to use it as an additional motivator for helping the girls keep their bedrooms tidy. Eleanor had made the photo album of photos of her tidied room for comparison each day, but things still seem to slip through the cracks on a regular basis. I’m not going for perfection, here, just no trash on the floor, for example. I’m hoping that by setting the timer for five minutes AND helping them during that five minutes, we can develop some habits in thoroughness.