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Christmas Decorating on the FLY in Zone 1

December 3, 2009

I was so excited about my new wreath that I decided to hang it on my pantry door where I can view it all of the time. So, when I read the Decorating on the FLY in Zone 1 this week, I decided to deliberately purchase some inexpensive outdoor wreaths and one strand of additional outdoor lights. I got two, $2 wreaths and a $1 strand of red garland, which I wrapped around each of them. They are now going to be hung on our front and back doors. If the weather becomes frightful, I have no worries since I didn’t really invest much in either wreath nor put many additional decorations on. Yet, the glittering garland is rather festive, I think.

The lights I bought probably fall into this month’s habit category since I love big, colorful, bulb-y Christmas lights. It was a treat to me to buy an additional strand so our two porches now have coordinating lights. (Joey said he knew I would do that since I like symmetry and matching and stuff like that. Oh, he’s so clever, isn’t he?)

So, for about $10, we’ve decorated a little more for Christmas.

Flylady and Holiday Super Cruising Mission #1

December 2, 2009

I am so excited! On the way home from the Make It With Wool contest the weekend before last, we stopped at Hobby Lobby. They were having a big discount on their wreaths and wreath decorations, so I got the components for making a very groovy, glittery, fruit-themed wreath.

This is very exciting to me because almost all of our decorations have been gifts. When we were first married, we intentionally purchased some ornaments and lights, but since then, we just haven’t really deliberately budgeted for any new decorations. I greatly appreciate all of the personalized ornaments and gorgeous nativity sets and beautifully monogrammed stockings that we have been given. I also appreciate the “Charlie Brown” artificial tree that we got for free at an auction. I am perfectly content with our decorations.

Yet, I am so excited about putting together this new wreath that coordinates with our fruit-themed kitchen/dining room/living room. And I have the perfect “excuse” for getting it all pulled together because of Holiday Super Cruising Mission #1. Glittery fruit, here I come….