Flylady and Perfectionism, Again

I liked Flylady’s Morning Musing today. I especially like the way she mentioned that:

We get emails wanting us to adapt our messages for Payroll SHEs, FLY Guys, Retired members, Stay At Home Moms, Work at home Moms, Single members, Single parents, people with MS, children . . . . The list could go on forever. Every one is an individual, each person believes that their situation is different and therefore our messages are not geared toward them. I get pretty tough with them, because I see their perfectionism rearing its ugly head.

As usual, Flylady is very perceptive about the root of our SHE tendencies, our excuses, our reluctance to just begin: perfectionism. And I think that perfectionism is like a weed. We’ve identified it. We’ve acknowledged its noxious, pervading influence on our lives. We think we’ve uprooted it. We think it’s gone from our lives. But, then, we find out that it’s sent out a root and, there it is again, rearing its ugly head.

The persistence of perfectionism in its many manifestations is one of the trickiest things to deal with, I believe, in developing my Flylady habits. This blog has been an extremely motivating tool for me in identifying the weedy perfectionism that might otherwise have resulted in my throwing in the Flylady purple rag long ago. I’m glad that Flylady is willing to keep addressing the root issues as well as the practical solutions to our SHE-ness.



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