Mountain Musings

We made it back without incident yesterday, thank the Lord. It’s nice to be home. And, I must report, the kitchen sink was shiny when I got home. Family and Flylady can’t be beat.

Now, I’ll attempt a brief explanation of our unprecedented excursion. Joan and I had been planning for almost a year to attend a crafting workshop in November. We had saved and saved all year and were set to register for it about 6 weeks ago when we sadly realized that it had been sold out 10 days after registration had opened…in APRIL! We were terribly disappointed, but determined to figure out an alternative plan so we could spend time together crafting and still have some money left over to register for next year’s crafting weekend when registration opens next April.

Happily, everything worked out perfectly for us to stay with Mom and Dad and learn to weave at a custom workshop that Susan created for us at the Stitchin’ Den. So, Clara and I ventured west for the weekend, met up with Joan, visited with Mom and Dad and learned a lot about weaving. (We also did some shopping since the Estes Park merchants were having a sidewalk sale — in 16 degree weather, no less.)

While we were weaving, we talked about how relaxing it was to scoot that shuttle back and forth. We talked about how calming it was to craft. About how crafting provided a focus in the moment. This conversation got me thinking.

In executing my Flylady routines, I have more than a tendency (I would say it was a firmly established habit) toward rushing through whatever I’m doing to get to the next thing I have to do. I rush, mentally and physically, through every day. I guess I somehow imagine that if I hurry, I will get more done, find more time, something…. I am so used to this attitude that I found myself rushing through getting ready to go to the weaving workshop that very morning, even though I had plenty of time and would have had to try to be late.

I was really stirred to examine this attitude and adjust it. Does rushing accomplish anything? Isn’t it more of a mental state than a physical necessity? Do I actually waste time when I hurry? Am I missing out on life when I’m not really “there” as I fold clothes because I am mentally calculating the next thing I have to do in my Flylady routine?

These were my mountain musings this weekend. Or, some of them, anyway. It was great to see Mom and Dad and spend time with Clara and Joan, crafting. And it was great to have time to think. Now, to apply my contemplations to my Flylady life.

As always, stay tuned….

P.S. Thank you, Joey (and Tim and Jacob), for holding down the fort, to say the least, so Clara and I could go on this big adventure. And, thanks Mom and Dad for your heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality.


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