Flylady Routines and Knowing My Limitations

One benefit of having my Flylady routines is being able to clearly see when I won’t have the time to take on an “extra” commitment. This fall, I noticed that for me to make time to sew with Margaret and Eleanor on their Make It With Wool entries, it would require a lot of juggling. I mean, I could have worked time into my Flylady routine, but, at first glance, it was pretty obvious that it would take some serious effort.

Because I had noticed early-on that fitting some extra sewing time into our fall routine would be a challenge, I was able to ask Amelia if she could help out. Since I was able to give her ample warning, she was also able to check her Flylady routine and work schedule to see if she could help out. And, her generous answer was, “Yes!”

So, each week, Amelia, Eleanor and Margaret deliberately set times to sew. They got their garments completed without any last minute panicking. No one stayed up late the night before the contest hemming. We had plenty of opportunities to pull together their accessories with any stress.

Flylady’s routines helped me see where I could us some assistance before it became an “emergency.” Flylady’s routines helped Amelia see where she could provide that assistance. And Margaret and Eleanor had reinforcement of the concept that working a little bit at a time on a project results in a stress-free, pleasant experience.

No matter what the contest, everyone wins with Flylady routines!



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