My Flylady Routine and the Bible

Over the past several weeks, I had found myself getting more and more bummed about the job loss situation. It just seems so unfair and we are forced into a lot of circumstances that feel difficult and challenging much of the time. Now, I will also say that there is an element of freedom and excitement about the potential for opening the bakery, but, at the moment, that is still potential.

Then I started doing the Bible study for this week. This is our last week in our Behold Your God study. The lesson was on how to remember and apply all we have learned over the last several weeks about the attributes of God by praising Him. In praising Him, we recall Who He is and what He has done. In praising Him, our focus shifts from our circumstances to God and we gain His perspective.

As I was completing the study, I realized how I had allowed my morning Bible mediation time to become shorter and shorter and then I had begun skipping it all together. I believe this is directly associated with my shifting my focus from praising God to being anxious about our job situation. Even though I have this time built into my Control Journal Routine, I still found myself meditating on the Word less and less frequently.

So, now, thanks to the Lord’s direction through this ladies’ Bible study, I am back on track. It’s been very true that when my focus is on being in the Word and praising God for Who He is and what He does, my focus is not on my circumstances. And I know that I have time for Bible mediation every day because it’s in my Control Journal!


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