Flylady Routine and Creativity: An Update

Yesterday, I purchased embroidery patterns from three etsy sellers to see how they delivered their products. I also researched the policies of several more sellers who offer embroidery patterns on etsy and made a master file of policy ideas. AND I talked to my technology-savvy children and children-in-law about how to manipulate the patterns I scan into PDF files using software that we already own.

Guess what! I also managed to do my two loads of laundry, exercise, supervise a typical homeschooling day, make a well-received potato and ham soup in the crock pot for lunch (as planned), host Bible study, find recipes for and then make two birthday desserts for the birthday people, enjoy a jolly birthday meal and party for Amelia and Levi, write checks for a couple of Dapper Dog expenses AND shine my sink, make my bed and swish and swipe my bathrooms. PLUS, I kept the woodstove going all day because Tim was on a birding expedition.

Take THAT, you doubts and fears and perfectionist procrastination!



2 Responses to “Flylady Routine and Creativity: An Update”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Wait! I think I missed something…. What are you doing with embroidery patterns? Did you create some new patterns and are going to sell them? Patterns for what? And of what?

    • thetruevine Says:

      Ever since I opened my etsy store, I’ve wanted to do something with embroidery. Alas, my poor store sits there, neglected. So, I’m now making progress in getting some of my embroidery patterns scanned and manipulated so I can sell them. The patterns are to put on tea towels, pillows, wall-hangings, tote bags, whatever! They are Scripture-based, too. So, stay tuned! And thanks for asking, dearest Jenny!

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