Flylady and Job Loss

Have you read the post on Flylady about Unexpected Job Loss? Wow. Talk about timeliness. I think one of the best points the writer made was:

For a person who has worked the majority of their career in one place, making their skills very specific, the loss of a job represents a loss they feel they may never be able to get over and which, in some way, diminishes them, not because the job defined them but because it allowed them to take care of all the people and things (like a home) that do help define them.

I think this observation is so accurate. The loss of a job represents the loss of a person’s ability to take care of the people who are important to him. Wow. I was just very surprised to see this topic addressed so well, especially via a post appearing in my Flylady email this morning.

Flylady, as usual, is super-relevant.

P.S. I feel totally recovered this morning from whatever was threatening to ail me! PTL!


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One Response to “Flylady and Job Loss”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Wow, that really is true. It’s neat when God uses even secular sources to bring things into a new perspective.

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