FLYing on Friday with My Flylady Timer

My timer has been my friend today. First I set it for 30 minutes, slipped it in my sweatshirt pocket and went for a 30-minute run. This was my first “official” training run in preparation for a half-marathon I hope to run this fall with some OLD members of my high school track team. I knew it would take the whole allotted 30 minutes for me to figure out how to set a 30-minute alarm on my cell phone, so I got out my timer and was back before I knew it.

Since then, my timer has helped me get ALL of the folded laundry put away, scrub the front of the kitchen cupboards AND clean the stove. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the Kitchen Zone Missions that I hadn’t yet completed this week, I felt encouraged by my timer. Now, my timer is timing my little computer break and then I will re-set it to help me with my last kitchen chore.

Thanks, Flylady timer!



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