Report on Early Morning Creativity and Flylady Routines

I have a good report today! Yesterday, when I prioritized my creativity first thing in the morning, I wondered if I would be able to accomplish my Flylady routine. I can happily report that I did!

After I did my little embroidery activity, I actually switched out laundry (which is what I usually do very first thing in the morning) AND folded socks for an hour. (For years, I have had a separate laundry basket just for socks. That way, socks don’t get stuck in other clothing and increase the chance of their getting lost. I wash socks on Fridays. Since I hadn’t washed socks when I was on the dog grooming trip, I had two weeks worth to wash and, consequently, fold. That’s a lot of socks.) Then, because, for various and sundry reasons, I didn’t do ANY Zone Missions last week, I really wanted to incorporate the Kitchen Missions into this week’s routine. I managed to get my counters scrubbed and half of the appliances cleaned without much hurrah. Today, I think I can easily get the other half of the appliances scrubbed and get the ol’ toothbrush going around the sink.

This was all accomplished amidst regular homeschooling activity, Bible study, etc. I am very encouraged that I can prioritize the creative activities that energize me and still get my Flylady routines accomplished. So…today, I’ve already embroidered for half an hour. And I have high hopes that my Flylady routines will not be negatively impacted. Yea!


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