Flylady “No Matter What,” Revisited

I’ve been thinking about my Flylady “No Matter What” post. I’m very excited about finally having a concrete way of fitting my missions, decluttering, etc. into my daily routine even when my routine isn’t routine. I just have to think of it in the same way as I think of fitting in my exercise. I know that when I have to miss Jazzercise or when Jazzercise doesn’t meet, I look at the available time for that day and I adjust the amount I exercise accordingly. Sometimes I do five miles, sometimes three, sometimes even two, according to the available time.

Now, I know how much time it will take, in general, to complete a certain number of Walk the Walk miles. BUT, what I haven’t considered before about my missions, decluttering, etc., is, yes, actually using my timer to LIMIT how much time I spend completing those chores. I realized when it finally went through my thick skull that I can CONTROL how much time I spend on any particular Flylady chore that I can plan ahead for my chores like I plan ahead for my exercise. Duh! Oh, my!

This is a particularly exciting revelation in light of our changing schedule once the bakery is open. Yea! I’m sure I’ll have some more applicable inspirations on this topic in the days to come.


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