My Version of Flylady Post-Its

If I recall accurately, Flylady mentioned that when she first began developing her Control Journal, she put Post-It notes describing specific habits on her mirror and moved/removed them as she completed each task. I think I would benefit from a visual reminder of specific tasks that I am aiming to complete on any one day. My Control Journal tends to stay rather out-of-sight on my counter, so there’s not much accountability. Also, since no one else ever looks at my Control Journal, there are not many opportunities for anyone to surprise me by completing one of the day’s tasks.

So…I think I will get a dry-erase board and post my daily tasks on it. I’ll hang it where everyone can see it and, therefore, hold myself accountable. Plus, anyone who wants to join in the fun will have the opportunity.



One Response to “My Version of Flylady Post-Its”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I have to say that our little wipe off board is the greatest thing on the planet. We were both making lists at work and then losing them, but the wipe off board keeps everything front and center.

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